Longboard Art: Ink


Another longboard art piece. Instead of wood burning the design into this longboard, I opted for good old fashion pen and sharpie and it turned out more to my liking. I filmed the timelapse on my Sony a6000 instead of my Song action cam.
For the pens I used various sizes of Copic Multiliners and a Sharpie. The blank longboard can be bought from SkateShred Distribution

Longboard Art: Pyrography

This is my first time doing a time lapse as well as pyrography. I think it turned out okay for my first time. I definitely need to get more comfortable using it as it does feel a bit awkward. Also the burning smells is something to get use to as well :B
I purchased a set of blank mini longboards (Blank longboard mini deck 27″ x 8″ kicktail Canadian maple) from ebay seller but you can also buy it from their website SkateShred Distribution.
The pyrography tool I used is the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool. It’s not bad and it does what it is intended to do, so no complaints. It only cost me $19 on amazon.
The design on the longboard is essentially from this image I painted a while back but just more elaborate. I won’t be doing wood burning on all the blank boards, just some. I’ll probably end up painting some with acrylic.