Photography: China

Soooo….I went to China in the last two weeks of January. It was kind of a last minute planned trip as I wasn’t planning to travel again till last year but I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to do some photography in China! The last time I went to China was two years ago and it was only to Canton. This time I went to Beijing and Shanghai and the surrounding cities and towns. I don’t remember the names because it was a lot of grounded covered in the two weeks I was there. The trip was quite an exhausting one so it was more of an exploration vacation than relaxing vacation.
I took a lot of pictures but these were my favorites of the batch. If I could tell you the specific names of the places I would, but I don’t remember the names of the places. I spent a good chunk of the vacation sick :\
Oh well.

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Yashica Vintage Camera

So here’s where I’ve been for the month! …Restoring old Yashica vintage cameras.
Cleaning up at my parent’s house I found two Yashica vintage cameras. My mom owns the Yashica FX-3 and my dad owns the Yashica Electro GSN. I gladly took the cameras off their hands.
The cameras weren’t in working condition when I found them but they work now! I spent quite some time cleaning and replacing the old light sealing to get rid of the light leaks.
I’ve been taking photos with my digital cameras for quite some time so using film camera took some getting use to. I do recommend any photography enthusiast to give film cameras a try at least once. It really teaches you patience and forces you to really analyze the subject and composition of the photo you’re trying to take.
When searching for parts, I found ebay to be a great source. I also found that most vintage film cameras are relatively cheap so if anyone wanted to get into film photography, getting a hold of a cheap vintage film camera wouldn’t be hard. I’d love to get my hands on a vintage Leica but for now that’ll have to be another time ;)

Dreaming of water

I found this drawing I did for a class when I was cleaning up my shelf. This drawing was inspired by an old dream of fish coming out of the faucets in my bathroom. Most my drawings are based and inspired by my dreams. It’s been so long since I’ve had one of those dreams that just shakes you up and leaves you in complete and utter awe and confusion.
Have you ever had a dream like that?
I use to get them every night. They horrifically beautiful dreams. I say that because the nature of them are completely volatile. One minute I’m immersed in the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen and then thrown into the darkest pit of hell the next minute.
Maybe I’m working too hard, or maybe I’ve lost sight of the path I’m meant to travel. It’s probably why I haven’t drawn in so long. I just sleep like…well like normal sleep? Instead of nothing, I’d like to be dreaming of water again.

Digital Painting: Search

Finally got around to digital painting my search sketch that I did for Illustration Friday back in January.
Painted digitally in Paint tool SAI.
I originally thought I lost the program when I gave my computer to my mom. I’m glad I finally found the program key. I find this program to be the most forgiving and closer to painting traditionally then Adobe Photoshop. It’s kind of why I haven’t been painting all year. I just prefer to paint in more traditional ways since learning oil paints. SAI does mimic oil painting which is why I like this program so much. Hopefully I’ll be painting more now that I have SAI again.