Oh beloved

Drew this on one of those lonely feeling days when the people I love felt oceans away. Surprisingly, drawing this felt very therapeutic.

I forgot how therapeutic drawing was. I drew a lot when I was in high school and it helped me a great deal in getting past those tough awkward teenage years. I’m probably not over being awkward, I’ll probably never be but that’s okay :)

Oh beloved. Don’t forget why you really have this artistic blessing and don’t waste it.

Longboard Art: Ink


Another longboard art piece. Instead of wood burning the design into this longboard, I opted for good old fashion pen and sharpie and it turned out more to my liking. I filmed the timelapse on my Sony a6000 instead of my Song action cam.
For the pens I used various sizes of Copic Multiliners and a Sharpie. The blank longboard can be bought from SkateShred Distribution


I finally opened up shop for a place to purchases prints and other things. I use to have prints for sale back in my old days in DeviantArt but I haven’t been active there for ages. Head over to Society6 if you’re interested :)
Let me know if there’s a print you’re looking for and I’ll add it on if it’s not there.
I’ll also have other stuff added on there for sale since they also offer cellphone cases, totes, shirts…etc. For the past few years I’ve used services like Society6 to make my own custom printed items so it’s about time I share maybe? :)
I’ll probably post updates here if I add any new things, so if in doubt check back here!


Longboard Art: Pyrography

This is my first time doing a time lapse as well as pyrography. I think it turned out okay for my first time. I definitely need to get more comfortable using it as it does feel a bit awkward. Also the burning smells is something to get use to as well :B
I purchased a set of blank mini longboards (Blank longboard mini deck 27″ x 8″ kicktail Canadian maple) from ebay seller but you can also buy it from their website SkateShred Distribution.
The pyrography tool I used is the Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool. It’s not bad and it does what it is intended to do, so no complaints. It only cost me $19 on amazon.
The design on the longboard is essentially from this image I painted a while back but just more elaborate. I won’t be doing wood burning on all the blank boards, just some. I’ll probably end up painting some with acrylic.