Oh beloved

Drew this on one of those lonely feeling days when the people I love felt oceans away. Surprisingly, drawing this felt very therapeutic.

I forgot how therapeutic drawing was. I drew a lot when I was in high school and it helped me a great deal in getting past those tough awkward teenage years. I’m probably not over being awkward, I’ll probably never be but that’s okay :)

Oh beloved. Don’t forget why you really have this artistic blessing and don’t waste it.

Longboard Art: Ink


Another longboard art piece. Instead of wood burning the design into this longboard, I opted for good old fashion pen and sharpie and it turned out more to my liking. I filmed the timelapse on my Sony a6000 instead of my Song action cam.
For the pens I used various sizes of Copic Multiliners and a Sharpie. The blank longboard can be bought from SkateShred Distribution